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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

삼일 운동 The March 1st Movement

This day, Korea celebrates The 1st March of movement. a national holiday to honour the independence day from Japan colonialism.
Japan invaded Korea gave misserable to Koreans. That's why in 1st of March 1919, 2.000.000 Koreans had participated in big demonstration against Japan.
Before the formal declaration, Korea also aired the following compalints to Japanesse through newspaper and media.
  • There was the belief that the government would discriminate when employing Koreans versus Japanese people; they claimed that no Koreans held important positions in the government.
  • There existed a disparity of education being offered between Korean and Japanese people.
  • The Japanese despised and mistreated Koreans in general.
  • Political officials, both Korean and Japanese were arrogant.
  • There was no special treatment for the upper class or scholars.
  • The administrative processes were too complicated and laws were being made too frequently for the general public to follow.
  • There was too much forced labor that was not desired by the public.
  • Taxes were too heavy and the Korean people were paying more than before while getting the same amount of services.
  • Land continued to be confiscated by the Japanese people for personal reasons.
  • Korean village teachers were being forced out of their jobs because the Japanese people were trying to suppress their heritage and teachings.
  • The development of Korea has been for the benefit for the Japanese. They argued that while Koreans were working towards development, they did not reap the benefit of their own work.
and at 2 pm, on 1 March 1919, the 33 nationalists who formed the core of the Samil Movement convened at Taehwagwan Restaurant in Seoul, and read the Korean Declaration of Independence that had been drawn up by the historian Choe Nam-seon and the poet Manhae (also known as Han Yongun).

 The leaders of the movement signed the document and sent a copy to the Japanese Governor General, with their compliments.
We herewith proclaim the independence of Korea and the liberty of the Korean people. We tell it to the world in witness of the equality of all nations and we pass it on to our posterity as their inherent right. We make this proclamation, having 5,000 years of history, and 20,000,000 united loyal people. We take this step to insure to our children for all time to come, personal liberty in accord with the awakening consciousness of this new era. This is the clear leading of God, the moving principle of the present age, the whole human race's just claim. It is something that cannot be stamped out, stifled, gagged, or suppressed by any means.

According to the frequently referenced The Bloody History of the Korean Independence Movement (한국독립운동지혈사, 韓國獨立運動之血史) by Park Eunsik, 7,509 were killed, 15,849 were wounded, and 46,303 were arrested.

Source : wikipedia.or
Image source : google, Lotte

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