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Friday, April 1, 2011

Da-Hyang festival, Tea Festival in Boseong

Boseong is a county in south Jeolla province Korea. Boseong area consist of mountain. Mangil-Bong, Jonje Mountain and Joowol Mountain. This place is the largest tea patch in Korea and high quality green tea which is produced in Bodsung district as we know green tea is good for health.
This place is the best view for photo shoot. You can get some good pictures anywhere you take.
Here is a tea festival held in Boseong named Da-Hyang festival. Several cultural festival such as tea making, picking of tea, writing and sketch contest and also miss tea contest will be held on Mar 9 – 10 every 2 year.

If you want to go to Boseong you can take (info : :

Trains and buses connect Boseong with other major cities in the country.
Visitors first arrive at the Boseong Bus Terminal in Boseong-eup, and can reach points of local interest via villiage buses.
Korail, the Korean National Railroad travels between Seoul and Boseong twice daily, and there is a recently-built link from Mokpo to Boseong.

The nearest international airport is in Gwangju, and the nearest domestic airport is in Yeosu.

Shuttle buses run between Incheon International Airport and Gwangju from Gwangju Bus Terminal at a cost of 30,900 won.
Travellers can easily travel to and from Gwangju Bus Terminal via their local bus stations.

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