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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Starting from Princess Hours drama, I began to like Korea. Especially Hallyu. Hallyu is Korean wave which are including Korean movie, K-Pop, music, drama and Korean celebrities. Hallyu is the most important part to introduce Korea to the world and I'm the one who influenced by Hallyu ^^.
Now I'm interesting to learn Hangul. Hangul is the name of South Korea alphabet. Hangul has 2 types of alphabet : vowels and consonants.
for the first step, let's try to learn and remember those character of Hangul ^^

Happy learning Hangul ^^

Source :
Private experience.


  1. thanks a lot it really helping me improve my "hangul"

  2. Annyonghaseyo Amirul Anwar,

    your welcome, keep hwaiting and practice Hangul. I know that you can.
    and also thank you for reading my blog.

    Kamsahamnida ^^

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. I am just like you but I my first drama I saw was "Playful Kiss". I am thankful for the hangul reminder do to the fact that I am doing some research for an English class and my project I have decided to make all about East Asian cultures. Good luck with your ventures!

  4. <3 it . that's awesome featuring my country's alphabet . keep up .