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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hanok (한옥) The Korean Traditional House

Hanok 한옥 is Korean traditional houses with tile roofed houses. This type can be found throughout this country. Hanok is an unique traditional house with environmental building materials for outer and inner layout.
The raw materials of Hanok are tiled roofs, wooden beams and stone block construction. Windows and doors are made by Hanji (paper) framed an combined with wooded material.
Hanok is design for cooling interior in summer and warmer in winter. The unique thing of Hanok is a heating system for Hanok named Ondol. The heating system coming from fire in the kitchen and connected to other rooms, so that the temperature inside Hanok will be comfortable especially in winter season. Now, Ondol use the electricity to warm inside of the house. this can be found only in Korea ^^.
People who live in Hanok may use the floor for daily life and sleeping, it is necessary to use sandals or take off your shoes inside the Hanok to keep it clean.
Now many Hanoks in Korea are being maintained as a cultural heritages.

Outside the Hanok.
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Hanok inside.People who live in Hanok use floor for daily activities. The floor is made by wooden, and warmed by ondol.
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Hanok style in northern of Korea. Designed with square style to keep the house warm, northern side of Korea is cooller weather than in southern.
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Hanok style in mid side of Korea, designed look like the "L" letter.
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Hanok style in southern of Korea. Designed look like the "I" letter to make a good air circulation.
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