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Monday, April 4, 2011

[Event] Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, April 13th-18th 2011

Let’s welcoming spring in Korea. This festival will be held in Yeouido Park and Yeouiseo-ro, Seoul. Running from April 13rd – April 18th 2011. In this festival, you will see the beautiful scenes of cherry blossoms on the both sides of  Hangang river and you may walking along under cheery blossoms . And also you can enjoy some interesting live performances, exhibition, parade and some of interesting activities, don’t forget to watch the beautiful cerry blossoms night scenery also.
It is the right time to visit Korea. Happy Spring time ^^

Location : Yeouido Park and Yeouiseo-ro area, Seoul, South Korea.

Transportation (source * Subway (about 10mins from each station)
1. Exit 4 of Dangsan station, Subway line 2
2. Exit 1 of Yeouinaru station, Subway line 5
3. Exit 2 of Yeouido station, Subway line 5
4. Exit 1 of National Assembly station, Subway line 9

pict source : and

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