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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Amsa-dong Pre Historic Settlement Site

Last week I borrowed 2 Korean History DVDs from Korean Cultural Center. I am interesting to learn about Korean history, in chapter 1, I saw about Amsa-dong Pre Historic Settlement Site. Sounds interesting to know and learn about Korea history.

I want to share what I was watching combine with some of supporting information. I think this site is interesting to visit. I will go to this site when I go back to Korea in the future.

Amsa-dong located at the edge of Han River in Gangdong-gu. Discovered in year 1925 when the heavy rains caused the overflow of the river and uncovering stones and earthenware on that site. This site is consists of Neolithic habitation to about 6000 BC, primitive era.


Amsa station (Seoul Subway Line 8) Exit 1
Walk straight for 15mins to Prehistoric Settlement Site

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