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Monday, July 11, 2011

Daegu Metropolitan City

Located in the south east of Korea peninsula, Daegu metropolitan city is the 4th largest city in Korea.
Daegu sits in Basin surrounded in by low mountains. Palgongsan in the north, Biseulsan in the south, Waryongsan in the west, and smaller hills in the east. Daegu has a humid tropical climate.The mountains that comprise the basin trap hot and humid air. Similarly, in winter, cold air lies in the basin. The area receives little precipitation except during the rainy season of summer, and is sunny throughout much of the year.
Daegu is also the manufacturing  city, including textile, metals and machinery, this city can be called as a fashion city.

How to get there :
from Seoul to Daegu :
50 min by air.
3 hrs and 25 min by Saemaeulho train.
1 hr 50 min by KTX train from Seoul Train Station.
 4 hrs 30 min by bus from Seoul Express Bus Terminal.

Interesting places :

Mount Palgongsan as a center of Budhist culture.
Jikjisa Temple.
Gayasan National Park.
Haeinsa Temple.

Picture credit : wikipedia.

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