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Monday, July 4, 2011

Seoul Station

Do you want to go to Busan ? or get connected with subway in Seoul ? or want to go to the airport. You can use train from Seoul Station. Seoul Station is the major railway station which is as a connecting in Seoul and from Seoul to any other district or province in Korea.
The busiest train stations with complete type of train from KTX (high speed train connecting to any major cities in Korea such as Busan or Daegu. It takes only 2 hours from Seoul to Busan by using KTX) or AREX (to the Incheon and Gimpo airport) or subway if you want to getting around Seoul line 1 and line 4.
When I was in Seoul, and visited this station, I feel that I was in the airport. I saw many types of train from Mugunghwa to KTX and many destination in the board. a lots of people were around the station. Sometimes some of military with their uniform walked over the station. Athough Seoul station is very hectic and busy, but it's very clean.
For the history, the old Seoul station (located beside the new one) is opened in year 1925 and was designed by Japanese architec named Tsukamoto Yasushi from Tokyo imperial University. Japanese, the design of the station looks a like with european (Dutch) style. The old Seoul Station is being renovated for use as a cultural center.

photo source :

Photo by Maria Margareta

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