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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The 13th Seoul Fridge Festival

The 13th Seoul Fringe Festival

Dates : August 12, Thursday, 2010 ~ August 29, Saturday, 2010
Venue : Art creation space in nearby Hong-ik University and downtown area of Seoul
Organized : Seoul Fringe Network
Sponsor : Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism, Arts Council Korea, Seoul City, Mapo-gu , Seoul Foundation Arts and Culture, Fringe Center(Seogyo-dong art experiment center) 

How to buy ticket :
- Purchasing tickets on-line can be possible after memebership resgisteration to the Seoul Fringe Festival website.
- Please contact us at the Seoul Fringe Festival headquarters(02-325-8150) for group tickets for 40 people and over. 
- House opens 20minutes before the show, and delay entrance will not be permitted what so ever.
- Cancelling tickets purchased through the official website is possible only until 5pm previous day of the show, and refunds are not possible from that time over.
- Doulbe discount is not possible.
Cancellation and Refunds
On-line Ticketing
- Cancelling tickets is possible only until 5pm, previous day of the show.
(Payment made by deposit without bankbook will be re-deposited to your account with the charage of commission)
- Cancellation process will take 5-7 days.
- Fringe Big 3 cannot be refunded.
On-the-Spot Ticketing
- Tickets purchased on-the-spot can only be cancelled at the place of purchase.
- On-the-day cancellation and refund will not be possible for all tickets.
● 예매처 Bookings
- 온라인 : 서울프린지페스티벌 홈페이지
           사랑티켓 홈페이지
           (한국에 본인이름으로 은행계좌가 있는 경우만 예매 가능)
- 박스오피스 : 축제센터 (@서교예술실험센터)
               인포메이션센터 부스 (관광안내소 옆) (*런치티켓)
- 실내공연예술제 각 공연장 
- On-line : Seoul Fringe Festival Website
            Sarang Ticket Website
            (People with a Korean bank account under his/her name only.)
- Box Office : Festival Center (@ Seoul Arts Space)
               Information Center (Next to the Information Desk) (*Lunch Ticket)
- All venues of the Indoor Performance Arts Festival
● 티켓 안내 Ticketing
- 사전예매 Advance Ticketing
7.12~8.4 기간에 티켓구입시 20% 할인
20% discount for tickets purchased July 12~ August 4
- 전공연관람권 '프리패스' 'Free Pass' 
7.12 판매개시 Tickets available from July 12th
가격 : 100,000원 (20매 한정) Price : 100,000\ (limited to 20 passes)
최소 하루 전 전화예매 후, 축제상황실(서교예술실험센터 2층)에서 수령
Telephone booking at least a day before the first show, and collect at the situation room (2F, Seoul Arts Space)
- 특별 할인 Special Discount
(1) 빅3 Big 3
가격 : 25,000원 Price : 25,000\
실내공연예술제 유료공연 3편 관람 가능 3 pay-performances of the Indoor Performance Arts Festival  
예매처 : 축제홈페이지 Booking : Official website
(2) 단체할인 Group Discount
10인이상 관람시 20% 할인 20% discount for a group of 10and over
예매처 : 현장판매 / 축제홈페이지 Booking : On-the-spot / Official website
(3) 예술인할인 Artists Discount
대상 : 예술관련 종사자 및 협회 소속회원
Requirements : Art professions and members of the Arts Association
가격 : 기존가격에서 일괄 5,000원 할인
          (기존 5,000원 티켓은 할인 적용 안됨)
Price : 5,000\ across the board
예매처 : 현장판매 / 축제홈페이지
Booking : On-the-spot / Official website
* 티켓구입/수령시 예술인임을 확인할 수 있는 증거를 지참해주세요.
* Documents of proof must be presented during purchase and collect of the ticket
(4) 런치티켓 Lunch Ticket
축제 전 기간 매일 PM12~PM1 에 티켓구입시 적용
Tickets purchased between 12pm~1pm during the festival.
가격 : 기존가격에서 일괄 5,000원 할인
          (기존 5,000원 티켓은 할인 적용 안됨)
Price : 5,000\ across the board
(Not applied to tickets already 5,000\)
예매처 : 현장판매 (인포메이션센터 (관광안내소 옆) )
Booking : On-the-spot (Information Center (Next to the Information Desk))
문의 서울프린지페스티벌 사무국 02.325.8150
Inquiries : Seoul Fringe Festival Executive Office 02.325.8150
Festival Map

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