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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hangul Day Part 1 : King Sejong The Great, The Profile

Photo by Maria Margareta
The spoken language of our country is different from that of China and does not suit the Chinese characters. Therefore amongst uneducated people there have been many who, having something that they wish to put into words, have been unable to express their feelings in writing. I am greatly distressed because of this, and so I have made twenty eight new letters. Let everyone practice them at their ease, and adapt them to their daily use.

- King Sejong's Preface to Hunmin Chongum

Sejong The Great 세종대왕
 (May 15th 1397 ~ February 17th 1450)
Reign : August 1418 ~ February 1450
Father : King Taejong.
Mother : Queen Wongyeong.
The 4th King of Joseon Dynasty

King Sejong The Great was the 3rd son of King Taejong and Queen Wongyeong. He became of  king over his 2 brothers. During his reigned, King Sejong created many things in science, technology, military and literature in the15th century. He strenghtened Korean military by created and developed them. He created a farmer's handbook named 농사직설 or Nongsa jikseol for his people, it contains about Korean agricultural subjects, reformed the Korean calendar system and the most important thing that he created was Hangul, TheKorean alphabet. Before the creation of Hangul, only members of the highest class were literate. King Sejong created Hangul to make his people from all classes would read and write. He announced it to his people in a document named 훈민정음 or Huminjeongeum.

King Sejong is one of only two Korean rulers posthumously honored with the appellation "The Great".

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