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Sunday, November 13, 2011

My view : What is the basic of Hallyu dance and musical composition ?

When I saw some Korean tourism commercial video, I always found the scenes of Korean folk dancing with colorful costume, dinamic dance, and great folk music. It is so interesting for me. It represents of dynamic Korea in my eyes and it makes me want to dance if I see it. Based of that I think that the current modern Korean dance and a dynamic beat of K-pop music compositions (especially male group) are adapted from Korean folk dance and music themselves. I can feel the same spirit by hearing or seeing both of them. The dynamic spirit, unique and only can be found in Korea.
So I try to find some videos and searching the information about this folk dance which is more similiar with the modern style and the name is Samul nori.

Samul nori in Hangul : 사물놀이 is a Korean traditional percussion comprosong music, acrobatic, dance and rituals. It is perform in the harvest day on the villages. Samul means four objects and nori means play. According to those words, Samul nori is devided to 4 kind of instruments, there are :

a small gong called Kkwaenggwari 꽹과리
a larger gong called Jing
an hourglass-shape drum called Janggu 장구
a bass drum named Buk
Each of the four instruments represents a different weather condition: the janggu represents rain, the kkwaenggwari thunder, the jing the sounds of the wind, and the buk clouds.
Yin and Yang are also reflected in the buk and janggu (leather) represent the sounds of the earth, the jing and kkwaenggwari (metal) represent sounds of the heavens.

Samulnori instruments (photo credit :

Samunori costume (photo credit :
photo credit : Maria Margareta

photo credit : Maria Margareta
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photo credit : wikipedia

photo credit :
Maria Margareta in Seoul 2011
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