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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Video : The Beauty of Hanbok

Hanbok is the Korean traditional dress often characterized with eye catching vibrant color.

The beauty of female hanbok is in the harmony between the delicate curves formed by the chima (skirt) and the raised front end of beoseon (socks), and the sharp lines of dongjeong (neck-band). Women wore many layers of sokgot (sokbaji (under-trousers) or sokchima (underskirts)) for the voluminous of the chima (skirt) to provide an elegant feminine beauty. Upper class women wore five or seven layers of sokgot (undergarments). They regarded sokgot (undergarments) to be very important and some of them used more luxurious cloth for sokgot (undergarments) than for geotchima (outer skirt). When going out, they put on a jangot over their head in addition to their hanbok of sokgot (undergarment), chima (skirt), sokjeoksam (undershirt) and jeogori (jacket). Let's watch the beauty of Hanbok by Kim Yu-na the Korean figure skatter.

Video credit : daeun0913 on Youtube.

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