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Monday, December 19, 2011

The exciting ecological tourist experiences at Suncheon Bay

Suncheon Bay is a coastal wetland with a huge foreshore surrounded by a 39.8 km coastline and 54.2 km of reed-field. It's located in Jeonnam Province, the Southwest of South Korea and the main place for the ecological tourist attractions in Korea.
It is outstanding for its display of dense reeds, its provision of habitat to a variety bird species (local as well as migratory), plants and animals. The natural "S" shape of the Bay is one of Korea's best settings for sunset photography.This place is good for those who likes nature and it's gonna be a unique itinerary while visiting to Korea.

There are some tour packages that can be followed base on :

The Watercolor Tour.
Visiting some of the most beautiful scenes in and around Suncheon Bay.
Route: : Ecological Park (Making natural art objects, making kimchi), Suncheon Bay Boat Cruise (Sail the "S"-shape sea route and experience a romantic sunset), Nakan Folk Village (Experience the art of making traditional paper), Seonamsa Temple (Enjoy a traditional tea ceremony).

The Temple Stay Tour.
Experience the lifestyle of monks at Songgwang Temple. View the beautiful scenes of Suncheon with your heart and soul.
Route: : Dolmen Park, Song-Gwang Temple, Nakan Folk Village, Suncheon Bay.

The Biological Tour.
Gain knowledge on nature conservation and the protection of ecosystems.
Route: :
1. Environmental Experience : Seonamsa Temple, Nakan Folk Village, Dolmen Park, Myeong-Seolwon Tea Ceremony.
2. Biology Experience : Suncheon Bay Ecology Hall, The Reed Experience, A Mountain Village Experience at Cheong-So-Goi.

The Mountain Village Experience Tour.
Visit a traditional mountain village where harmony between man and nature still exists.
Route: :Cheong-So-Goi mountain village (Traditional Korean agricultural implements, Herb Gardens and a Forest Shelter). Experience Sujebi and Galguksu (traditional meals), Kite-making, Bamboo Bow-making, Jeon-Hey Temple, Cave visits, and a Valley Experience.

The Beach Tour.
Discover the uniqueness of the beaches of Suncheon Bay.
Route: :Jang-San Beach – the habitat of the Mudskipper and a great variety of crab species. Jangsan Beach is also the venue of the annual Scarecrow and Reeds Festivals.

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