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Saturday, December 31, 2011

K-pop singer : K.Will 케이윌

Kim Hyung-Soo 김형수 born in December 30, 1981, his stage name K.Will 케이윌 is a South Korean ballad singer, vocal coach,dancer,composer, and actor.

K.Will first became known in South Korean through his single called “Dream” in “A Love to Kill” OST, released in 2006. A year after his single and 5 years after as a trainee and a vocal coach, he released his first album “Left Heart” in 2007. Then, after two years, he came back with a successful single, "Love 119," in December 2008. This was followed by a mini album “Dropping the Tears” in April 2009 and his second (and latest) album “Miss, Miss and Miss” in November 2009.

K.Will has a great deal of collaborations and drama soundtracks to his name, and can even rap and dance.

Video credits :
[MV] K.Will - Hario Uploaded by allaboutkwill
K.Will - My Last Love (English Subbed) Uploaded by annlaser
Mario (Feat. K.Will) - Chocolate (English Subbed) Uploaded by MiDeCo86
K.Will 케이윌 ~ Present 선물 Uploaded by MARGKMA

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