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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The most recommended Korean movie for this week

Hello everyone,
I have 2 recommended Korean movies that I've seen before. First is "The Innocent Steps" I've seen this a year ago and "Il Mare" which I've seen on the christmas day few days ago. These movies are drama. Great panoramic view especially "Il Mare" and great of movie soundtrack. So check this out :)

시월애 (Il Mare)

in Italian means "The Sea" and in this movie Il Mare is the name of the seasidehouse. This movie was made in year 2000 starring by Jun Ji-hyun as Eun-joo, a pretty young woman who has aspirations of becoming a voice actress who has obtained her dream. Living in 1999, Eun-joo becomes the second tenant of the house and is only moving out as the film begins and Lee Jung-jae as Sung-hyun, a young man who was the first tenant of the house. Living two years in the past of 1997, he begins as a construction worker for a large project. Although a talented architect, Sung-hyun has become critical of his talents, claiming he could not stand becoming a hypocrite.
The Korean title, Siworae is the Korean pronunciation of Hanja characters "時越愛", which means "time-transcending love". The two protagonists both live there two years apart in time, but are able to communicate through a mysterious post box.
The film was remade by Warner Brothers in 2006 as The Lake House starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

Starring by :
Jun Ji-hyun
Lee Jung-jae

댄서의 순정 (Innocent Steps)

Former acclaimed dancer Na Young-sae (Park Keon-Hyeong) attempts to make a comeback. Young-sae then brings to Korea Jang Chae-rin (Moon Geun-Young), an ethnic Korean from China who he presumes is a highly talented dancer. To Young-sae's surprise he soon learns Chae-rin is an inexperienced dancer and her older sister is the talented dancer. With only three months until the Dance Championship, Young-sae attempts to turn Chae-rin into a world-class dancer.
Moral of this story : "Success can not bring you happiness if the one you love is far away". This movie was released in 2005.

Starring by :
Moon Geun-young
 Park Keon-hyeong

References : wikipedia
Videos :
il mare ost:great soundtrack uploaded by flyhighrina on Youtube.
Zwiastun "Innocent steps" / "Daenseo-ui sunjeong" (2005) uploaded by FilmyTaneczne on Youtube.

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