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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Winter Fiction Story

Hello everyone,
I followed KTO Indonesia event's "My Korea Winter Story" on this December, I am going to repost my story in my blog, note : this story is 100% fiction. But I don't know if it'll be happen in the future :))
Although I'm not a winner, but I'm so glad to join this event ^^


It will be neverending stories if I tell the stories about my lovely country, korea. So I try to compile some photos into 1 page storytelling picture and give the title "My Sparkling Winter Story in Seoul-korea".

My Sparkling Winter Story in korea

First of all, I had to prepare my special clothes for winter. I brought some thick clothes and jackes to keep my body warm, and also a pair of boots so that it will make me easy to walk and move on the snow.
The first place was some folks places of korea. They were interesting spot to visit during my trip in this winter.
So I spent couple of my days in Bukchon Hanok Village.
I want to feel the traditional life in korea by living in the Hanok. Hanok is a name of korean traditional house. It designed to followed with the climate in korea. As we know, korea has 4 seasons in a year. Hanok will give you nice cool air in the summer and warmer in the winter. Especially in winter, korea had been developed the housing heater system in the Hanok from many hundred years ago, the heating system is named Ondol. That's why I like to try how to stay in Hanok and tried korean culinary experiences, especially Kimchi.
Have you tried Kimchi ? Kimchi taste in korea is very different. I can guarranty 100%, you will love kimchi after you try it by yourselves in korea.
It is so delicious and fresh!
After had a great time in Hanok experiences, I went to the most great place in Insadong. Insadong is the most attractive tourist spots in Seoul and there is one place, I descrived that it looked like an open space square building named Ssamziegil. This place must to visit during winter time. Why ? because it's so romantic ! ^^
I walked in the Ssamziegil from the lower level to the higher level, bought some cute crafts there. oh they are so cute!.
After geeting around in Ssamziegil,I tried to take some photos with Hanbok in a photo studio in Insadong. Hanbok is a name of korean traditional costume. It has many beautiful colors with nice shape. I picked a cute one. Pink color was great. oh I took some Aegyo poses also ha ha!, aegyo is the name of cute korean poses.
After taking a photo session, I bought some Hotteok selled by the street vendors in Insadong. Hotteok is a fried korean pancake filled with brown sugar and honey chopped by peanuts and cinnamon. This is the most favorite korean snack in the winter. Sweet and warm. Great snack for the winter.
oh I looked at my watch, it's almost the time to meet with my korean friend. ok I can say he is my "namja chingu". We arranged the meeting near the subway station in Jongno-gu. He took me to the open air ice skating rink near the Han river. He taught me how to skate on the ice. Sometimes he caught me into his arms if I'd almost fall. It only took a few minutes to learn then I went skating by my self. We really had fun time so much! skating by holding hands together...
Time went so fast! It was almost sunsets. Atfer skatting, We had a plan to go to Namsan in the evening.
But before left the Han river, he took me to enjoy the sunsets time near the Han river by walking together on the Han river side. We took some pictures there.
Finally as a the last spot we wanted to visit was Namsan. We went to Namsan to watch the night view of Seoul from the higher level. We took a cable car to Namsan and then took some walk to the N Seoul Tower.
Sometimes snow, fell in few minutes, he opened his umbrella and we walked together under the umbrella. I saw the snow hanging on the tree branch lighted by the spotlights, it was really beautiful. I captured that with my camera also.
But few minutes later my "namja chingu" took out the umbrella and by his other hand, he holded the nearest tree branches and pulled them down. Can you imagine that ? the snow were falling into our heads! I was so surprised, what a naughty ! ha ha !
Arrived in N Seoul Tower, we saw so many couples gathered near the Namsan padlock. Some of photographers took their cameras and captured the great scenery of Seoul full of lights like stars on the sky. So beautiful !
If you go to Namsan, it's necessary to bring the padlock, especially if you are couple. I bring the padlock because we wanted to lock our love here with our symbol, the love padlock. We locked our love padlock with smiley face, then we throwed the keys together as far as possible.
We hope that this relationship will be everlasting and locked forever like our love padlock on Namsan.

The end. I hope you enjoy my story ^^

This story already shared in KTO Indonesia facebook fan page event "My Korea Winter Story" written by Maria Margareta."

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