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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Myeong-dong Cathedral Seoul, South Korea

One day ... in the half month of the spring in Seoul, during my trip in South Korea, I came to Myeongdong Cathedral located in the Seoul Metropolitan city downtown. I followed evening mass in Hangul. It was so great, amazing and full of spiritual moment I had. I didn't take any picture inside the church, because I want to captured only in my heart. This is the reason why I just got some photos of Myeongdong Cathedral from outside. Honestly I'm deeply touched and cry when seeing this video, I can be so emotional. Let me share this at this Christmas moment. Merry Christmas everybody ^^

Video :
Pilgrimage trip to Myeong-dong Cathedral uploaded by chma2828 on Youtube.
E19.명동성당 - 서울디자인자산 uploaded by nexyglo on Youtube.

Photos : Maria Margareta

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