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Saturday, January 21, 2012

About one of blog widget ^^

When I joined The WKB last year, there are some widgets from that shared for us that we can use them on our blog. From all of widgets, I saw an eyecatching video cut widget that interested me. I  just asking for myself if I would got the video version but the funny fatcs is I was telling for myself and never tought to ask any questions to about the video version, this evening I've found it coincidentally and honestly... very surprised!
Wow (speachless mode ha ha) ...
now I want to share with you especially for my WKB fellows. This is a great video concept about world friendship. What I can say after seeing this video is "We are telling our stories with the same topics, we are moving together on same wave and ... we are looking for the same direction and that direction is... Korea.... ^^"
Keep writing my fellows! you are so amazing !!! ^^ Hope you like it! ^^ I'm so proud to be a member of The WKB! ^^

Video credit :
With Love Korea uploaded by Korushouse

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