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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hangul Texting

3 days ago I met my Korean friend and we had fun together, she encouraged me to learn Hanguk go very hard to improve my Korean. I was thinking that I want to learn and practice to text some Korean words in my computer without installing kinds of software or change my computer setting. and yay! I've found it! That's to wikipedia! ^^

I would like to share the link, so that you can improve your Korean also.
I typed my first Hangul and I use my Korean name on that. Now I can texting Hangul on my computer. It's really really great! Enjoy it and have fun!



  1. that's cool. :) if you have a macbook, it is also very easy (you just have to swith the language preferences) - and because it is not easy to remember where all the hanguls are on the keyboard, a friend gave me stickers for it, like here: if you decide to write much korean on your computer, i would really recommend those!