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Friday, January 6, 2012

The Han River bridges in Seoul

Hangang or Han River is the famous and important river in Korea. It is a major river in South Korea and flows through Seoul Metropolitan City and other region in the peninsula. Hangang is categorized as the fourth longest river in Korea and very recommended spots for leisure and photo hunting.

photo credit : by bluesbird83 on flickr
There are 7 subway lines and 27 bridges are crossing Hangang from east to west in Seoul Metropolitan City.

Seoul Subway Line 1 (Yongsan~Noryangjin)
Seoul Subway Line 2 (Gangbyeon~Jamsillaru, Dangsan~Hapjeong)
Seoul Subway Line 3 (Oksu~Apgujeong)
Seoul Subway Line 4 (Ichon~Dongjak)
Seoul Subway Line 5 (Yeouinaru~Mapo, Gwangnaru~Cheonho)
Seoul Subway Line 7 (Ttukseom Resort~Cheongdam)

Seoul Subway line 1
Bundang line
27 bridges are crossing Han River in Seoul.

Ilsan Bridge; 일산대교
Gimpo Bridge; 김포대교
Haengju Bridge; 행주대교
Banghwa Bridge; 방화대교
Gayang Bridge; 가양대교
Seongsan Bridge; 성산대교
Yanghwa Bridge; 양화대교
Dangsan Railway Bridge; 당산철교
Seogang Bridge; 서강대교
Mapo Bridge; 마포대교
Wonhyo Bridge; 원효대교
Hangang Railway Bridge; 한강철교
Hangang Bridge; 한강대교
Dongjak Bridge; 동작대교
Banpo Bridge with Jamsu Bridge; 반포대교와 잠수교
Hannam Bridge; 한남대교
Dongho Bridge; 동호대교
Seongsu Bridge; 성수대교
Yeongdong Bridge; 영동대교
Cheongdam Bridge; 청담대교
Jamsil Bridge; 잠실대교
Jamsil Railway Bridge; 잠실철교
Olympic Bridge; 올림픽대교
Cheonho Bridge; 천호대교
Gwangjin Bridge; 광진교
Gangdong Bridge; 강동대교
Paldang Bridge; 팔당대교

Seongsu Bridge; 성수대교
links the Seongdong and Gangnam districts
photo credit : by toughkidcst on flickr

Gayang Bridge; 가양대교
links the Gangseo District and Mapo District

Seongsan Bridge; 성산대교
links the districts of Mapo District and Yeongdeungpo District

Video credit :
Uploaded by aving on youtube.

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