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Sunday, January 8, 2012

감귤 Jeju-do Tangerine

Hello everyone! ^^

I went to Lotte Mart in Jakarta and saw some oranges from Jeju-do South Korea. Oranges is one of agricultural commodity in Jeju-do.

one of agricultural commodity in Jeju-do. website :
I would like to share some photos of Jeju-do's Orange or we can say 감귤 Gamgyul and sharing some videos about the process of Gamgyul from the plantation until packaging.

 There are some oranges plantation located in high level of Jeju Island.
The oranges that I saw is kind of tangerine or Mandarin orange with thin soft rind and very easy to peel.

For taste is not too sour but is not too sweet also, average taste for sweetness and the unique things about this orange is I'd never found any seeds. So that I can eat the whole of fruit of course but except the rind, ha ha. Wow that's great!^^

Hope you like it, it's very very delicious! Now Gamgyul has been exported to South East Asia. It's really great! ^^

Video credit :
제주물산 특별기획전-밀감편 uploaded by playmegamart on Youtube.

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