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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Korean TV Commercials from Time to Time

I found some of Korean TV commercials aired 40 years ago and I put also the current TV commercials for the comparison. On my point of view, Korea has used high technology for TV commercials since many decades ago and still using it until now. We can see the old animation CF which is the animation was made with good concept and smooth animation.

TV commercials :

Korean Air

Korean classic animation commercial : good concept and smooth animation.

Automotive TV commercials : 

Hyundai commercial :

KIA commercial

Other TV commercials :

The current TV commercials :

Video credits on Youtube :
korean old CF018 uploaded by gomigomi7
korean old CF031 uploaded by gomigomi7
korean old CF uploaded by gomigomi7
korean old CF041 uploaded by gomigomi7
korean old CF104 uploaded by gomigomi7
2000 Binggrae Together (ice cream) TV-CF_Together Class(LMS) uploaded by bingtogether
Joo Ji Hoon - Crown Butter Waffle CF (20s) uploaded by boolovescfs
Korea CF uploaded by Ukaya33
바나나맛우유_(2009)_Banana Flavored Milk uploaded by bingsmile
SNSD CF - Samyang Ramyun 30"B Winter Nov30.2009 GIRLS' GENERATION PyeongChang uploaded by aslotussradio
HYUN BIN crunches - Samsung Smart TV CF 2011-03-25 uploaded by Kwinnart on Mar 24, 2011
2011 Lotte Duty Free CF MV - So I'm Loving You uploaded by littlebean
2012 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial - LMFAO party rock anthem uploaded by SRO6789

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