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Monday, February 27, 2012

Maedeup, a Korean Knots

Photo Maria Margareta
Maedeup is a Korean handicraft skill of weaving many strands of thread together to make a cord and of tying them to make knots with various design and shapes such as butterfly, lotus, dragonfly, cicada, chrysanthemum or ginger. It also made with various colors.
Knot-tying was developed somewhat differently in East Asia and the West. It is have been used in Korea since The Three Kingdoms period. It have been found in the clothing and personal ornaments revealed in documents and wall paintings of that time. Now maedeup have been used the the decoration or personal ornaments. It can be used as an accessories of the norigae, lucky bag ties, or we can find it as an music instrument's accessories.

Brown color maedeups for Geomungo accessories

 Video credits : 
36.궁중매듭 - 서울디자인자산 uploaded by nexyglo
Garakji Maedeup One Cord uploaded by constantcrafter
Korea Traditional Knot -Dorae knot 한국전통매듭 배워보기 1 (도래매듭) uploaded by kjscms65

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