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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Miyeokguk, a Birthday Soup

I want something different for my birthday last year so that I planned to "celebrate" my birthday with Korean style. in Korea there is a tradition to eat a sup named 미역국 Miyeokguk and it serves on the birthday morning. So I asked my mom to cooked this and here is the photos ^^

미역국 Miyeokguk is a Korean dish, served on birthday. It is made from brown seaweed and meat. Brown seaweed soaked beforehand is put in soup made by boiling a shank or brisket of beef till tender and seasoning it with soy sauce. It is very easy to make.
This dish is also good for woman to consume after giving birth because the ingredients contains high calcium, iodine and nutrients. It's good to increase mother's milk and cure her stamina.

by Maria Margareta
personal experience.

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