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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sinmuyong, The New Era of Korean Dance in Early 20th Century

Literally means new dance, Sinmuyong is the period when Korean folk dance got many influences from outside Korea in the early of 20th century and it is also considered as the bridge between creative dance (Changjak chum) and traditional dance (Jeontong muyong). There are three dances from this era that commonly performed in official events, tourist venues or Korean cultural dance performance in other countries.

부채춤 Buchae Chum
Buchae Chun or Fan Dance can be categorized as a Sinmuyong which is the dance has been influenced by western culture and other culture outside from Korea since 1920.
This choral dance is created in th 20th century based on traditional movements. Buchae chum gives a neat, brilliant and colorful presentation seems like a butterfly or beautiful flower in full bloom.

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 For those who are already see this dance, everybody will agree with me that the format of this dance is very beautiful. Costumes, movements and music, all mixed together into one beautiful choral dance performance.

The basic idea of the movement is how to harmonize the dancers and fans (which is adopted from The shaman female solo dance) to make a beautiful figures in space. The figures can be as a blooming flower or waves like water.

장구춤 Janggo Chum
Janggo Chum is a type of dance performed to the various rhythmic cycles with the janggo slung over the dancer’s shoulder.
The video of 장구춤 Janggo Chum and we can see also 풍물 Pungmul. Pungmul is a Korean folk music performance.

화관무 Hwagwanmu

It is originally called Gojeon hyeongsik and the dancers wear Korean traditional wedding costume and hansam (a type of lone tube-like sash draped over each hand) and long sleeves.

The dancers throw the hansam upward, making them rise and fall in a wave like motion.

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중앙무용단 - 장구춤 (Janggo Chum, Hour Glass Drum Dance) uploaded by Vernet1004 on Youtube.
Introduction to Korean Traditional Dances # 3 uploaded by KoreanTheme on Youtube.

An Introduction to Korean Traditional  Performing Arts by Nam Sang-suk and Gim Hae-suk.

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