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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Arirang Through The Worldwide Jazz Musicians

"Jindo Arirang, MIJI meets the jazz diva Ithamara Koorax. This is not just a meeting, but an extraordinary encounter between Korean traditional music and jazz vocal. 
We has a meaningful time, doing work with her. We think ARIRANG is truly sentimental music reflected on Korean spirit. Hope that musical communication through The ARIRANG with famous musicians will last for the future.
Love ARIRANG, love Korea"
by MIJI (comment on CD)

Like MIJI said on the comment on CD, "우리 아리랑 많이 사랑해 주세요". After listening all of the songs in this CD, my love to Arirang is getting deeper and deeper.
They performed and recorded various kinds of Arirang, the traditional Korean songs, which the compositions arranged by various musicians from many countries. The bigest name of worldwide jazz musicians such as the famous smooth jazz guitarist, Lee Ritenour or Lisa Ono the Japanesse-Brazillian Bossa Nova's singer, or from Korea itself, Miji, the traditional Korean crossover band and many more were involved in this album. They performed Arirang with their own style and interpretations without loosing the essence and identity of Arirang itself. 
Colaborated also with Korean musicians such as Chung Eun Han, Eun Il Kang, Hyun Sik Shin and Youn Sun Nah, it is a very good reference album for those who love Arirang and also jazz lovers.I really enjoy it, hearing my favorite song, Arirang played with Asian style, Europe style, North American style and Brazillian style.

Track list :
1. The Real Group - Arirang
아티스트 그룹: 리얼그룹 - 아리랑 [리얼그룹]
2. Eun Il Kang With Lee Ritenour And Jack Lee - Haeju Arirang
아티스트 연주: 강은일(해금) 연주: 리 릿나워(기타 (Guitar)) 연주: 잭 리(기타 (Guitar)) -
해주 아리랑 [강은일, 리 릿나워,잭 리]
3. Hyun Sik Shin With Yuhki Kuramoto- Jeungseon Arirang
아티스트 연주: 신현식(아쟁) 연주: 유키 구라모토 (倉本 裕基)(피아노) - 정선 아리랑 [신현식, 유키 구라모토]
4. Ithamara Koorax - Arirang
아티스트 싱어: 이타마라 쿠락스 - 아리랑 [이타마라 쿠락스]
5. Giovanni Mirabassi - Miryang Arirang
아티스트 연주: 지오바니 미라바시(피아노) - 밀양 아리랑 [지오바니 미라바시]
6. Lisa Ono - Arirang
아티스트 싱어: 리사 오노 - 아리랑 [리사 오노]
7. Chung Eun Han With The Real Group - Jindo Arirang
아티스트 그룹: 리얼 그룹 연주: 한충은(대금) - 진도 아리랑 [한충은, 리얼그룹]
8. Yuhki Kuramoto - Arirang
아티스트 연주: 유키 구라모토 (倉本 裕基)(피아노) - 아리랑 [유키 구라모토]
9. Youn Sun Nah - Gangwondo Arirang
아티스트 싱어: 나윤선 - 강원도 아리랑 [나윤선]
10. Giovanni Mirabassi - Arirang
아티스트 연주: 지오바니 미라바시(피아노) - 아리랑 [지오바니 미라바시, 김창현, 오종대]
11. Miji With Ithamara Koorax - Jindo Arirang
아티스트 그룹: 미지 싱어: 이타마라 쿠락스 - 진도 아리랑 [미지, 이타마라 쿠락스]
12. I Musici - Arirang Fantasy
아티스트 그룹: 이무지치 - 아리랑 판타지 [이무지치]
13. Lee Ritenour And Alan Brodbent - Arirang
아티스트 연주: 리 릿나워(기타 (Guitar)) 연주: 앨런 브로드벤트(피아노) - 아리랑 [리 릿나워, 알란 브로드벤트]

"To me, this project was very musically fulfilling. Mr. Han is an outstanding player, and we had a very interesting communication, even though we did not say a word to each other. Instead we sent recordings back and forth. To me this further proof of what a powerful impact music can have, in bringing people from different cultures together. I am very proud that The Real Group has recorded a song together with Mr. Han. I hope we will meet one day, and that the group will performthe song together with him!
What made me want to write an arrangement of Jin-do Arirang, was recording I heard with a Korean female singer, accompanied by traditional instruments. There was a very strong emotional expression from the singer and the players hat I liked very much. Furthermore, their phrasing reminded me of certain elements in Swedish folk music. This inspired me to include a short section from a Swedish folk melody into the arrangement. I was very happy to hear how these different elements blended together, in a superb interpretation by Mr. Han, and by The Real Group". 
by Peder Karlsson (comments on CD)

Track 1 :  The Real Group - Arirang   

"I really appreciated to play this tunes. Also I felt really honored to be committed to give my version of such a beautiful and meaningful material. I love popular (should I say folkloric) music, it always carries strong and simple feelings which go straight into heart, each culture has its own color, but the feeling is universal; it is music for human beings.
Arirang is a perfect example of this universality. Because of the nice "major" color of the melody, I intended to play Arirang a bit "groovy" with a rhythm section, and I had the opportunity to record with great Korean musicians such as Chang Hun Kim on double bass and Jong Dae Oh on drums, who bring a very inspired feeling in the music. and a friendly and professional attitude during the section.
I played Miryang Arirang (which is really sad and nostalgic) solo. The recording session was very nice, we recorded in the theater where I played for two nights. I hope that you will find my version of Arirang worthy of your ancient and colorful tradition. 
Looking forward to meeting my beloved Korean audience,
truly yours,"
by Giovanni Mirabassi (comments on CD)

Giovanni Mirabassi live performance.
Track 10 on CD

"The Korean national folk song Arirang is one of the most beautiful, simple, and haunting melodies that I have performed. The beauty of this melody can be interpreted in so many nice ways. That is the true mark of a great melody, and Arirang is that."
by Lee Riteneour (comments on CD)

Video credits :
The Real Group - Arirang uploaded by realgroupdotse on Youtube.
Giovanni Mirabassi Trio - Arirang uploaded by PlusHitch on Youtube.

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