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Saturday, March 3, 2012

곶감 Dried Persimmons

The most common method of food preservation in Korea is drying. A significant temperature difference between summer and winter and dishes with high water content makes Korean has to use preservation methods for their food. Chestnuts, jujubes, persimmons and grapes are commonly dried.

One of the most popular dried fruits is 곶감gotgam or dried persimmons. Persimmons are the most common fruit in Korea. In autumn, every October each year, the persimmons will harvested, sorted and peeled. They are tied together with a string and hung in a row to air-dry, it will take 45 days drying process. It become sweeter when white residue (called bloom) forms on the surface. Gotgam is also a core ingredient in making the autumn beverage called sujeonggwa or a cinnamon punch or can be consummed itself for a snack.

Reference :
Korean Food of The Originality

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수와병태 곶감 제작과정 uploaded by jusinsaja on Youtube.
수정과 만들기 uploaded by newgedo on Youtube.

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