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Monday, March 12, 2012

Enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Korea with Your Own Style, Which One is Yours ?

Spring is coming! Korea will be the cute girl look a like in spring. One of the famous flower that must be seen when spring in Korea is 벚꽃 or cherry blossom. There are many ways to enjoy cherry blossoms in Korea and I'll give you some suggestions that you can choose. Make the unforgetable moments of spring in Korea with your own style! ^^

Romantic journey under the cherry blossoms theme
Hadong is the perfect location to enjoy cherry blossoms in a romantic way. I think it will be more perfect if we take a journey with a motorcycle in 6-km road fully of cherry blossoms all the way! ^^.

Gears to use : video camera.
Directions :
Take an intercity bus to Gurye Intercity Bus Terminal.
Transfer to a local bus bound for Hwagae (화개) or Ssanggyesa Temple.
Get off at Hwagae, and walk to Ssanggyesa Temple.
Hadong Homepage:

Adventure funny theme
If you like to enjoy cherry blossom in Korea with unique way, more adventure but funny, you should go to the Gyeonghwa station. Gyeonghwa Station is a railway station in the far south of Gyeongsang-do. To the north is Seongjusa Station and to the south is Jinhae Station.

Gears to use : video camera or camera with long fixed lens or tele lens (70-200mm length or more than that)
Directions :

Festival's theme
Still in Jinhae, if you like to enjoy cherry blossoms with a lot of activities in festival, you should go to the largest cherry blossoms festival in Korea named The Jinhae Gunhang festival.

Mountain and River in the City's theme
Seoul is also perfect to watch fully blooming of cherry blossoms in Korea. After you go to Namsan, you can continue your cherry blossom journey near the Han river. You can ride a bicycle or bring your pet also there.

Gears to use : video camera or camera with wide lens or macro lens.

Video credits uploaded on Youtube :
sakura streets in Hadong, South Korea (April 2011) uploaded by ayakamaeno
Gyeonghwa Station uploaded by ruwk143com
Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival (진해 벚꽃 축제) uploaded by GarrettFallin
2009 남산의 봄 -벚꽃축제- uploaded by namsan365
2011 여의도 벚꽃 축제 / Yeouido, Seoul Korea uploaded by isidorus5

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