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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Korean Traditional Instruments Exhibition at Korean Cultural Center Jakarta, February 13th-24th, 2012

"I wish someday I can touch the Korean traditional music instruments with my own hand" that's my wishes last year. And it comes true! I can touch them! those which I only seen on youtube or Korean drama at that day they were displayed infront of me. What I'm going to tell this here, all of the instruments displayed on this exhibition are so gorgeous! and I conclude that "Korean musical instrument is more than just an instrument."
Korean music intruments are made from nature, made with details heart and love. I can find some ornaments attached on the instruments such as maedeup.
What I wish now is not about "someday, I can touch" but it become "someday I can play them at least one of the Korean musical instrument in the future time". ^^


Photo :
Maria Margareta
Video credit :
KBS국악관현악단 프린스오브제주양방언작곡, 이준호편곡 uploaded by koartny80 on Youtube.

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