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Thursday, April 12, 2012

KDrama Review : 발효가족 Fermentation Family

Before I watched this drama, I heard the OST of this Kdrama first, mmm sounds nice and very Korean style, they put traditional Korean instruments mixed with modern instruments and also put Arirang in that song. I really like it, this is the reason, why then I searched for the DVD because I was so courious about this drama.
Peaceful location, simple love story, with full moral of the story and also great descriptions about Korean aspects are my conclusions after watching this drama. The smart director and a script writer who put a lot of Korean icons in this drama, indirectly the great way to promote about Korea through drama.
Let's say it captures and describes various types of kimchi and also tells the meaning and philosophy, a lot of items of Korean dish, hanok, bojagi, maedeup, hanbok especially men's hanbok which is use in the daily life, all of them are captured in this drama. About the moral of story, this film also talk about family, love, and friendship, also tought us how to love the nature and life balancing with the nature. The story about gangster and the missing child, I think is just an additional story for this drama.
It is good for those who love to watch Kdrama and also want to learn about Korea.

I recommend this drama.

Casts :
Song Il-Guk as Ki Ho-Tae   
Park Jin-Hee as Lee Kang-San
Lee Min-Young as Lee Woo-Joo   
Choi Jae-Sung as Kang Do-Sik   
Kang Shin-Il as Lee Ki-Chan
Kim Young-Hoon as Oh Hae-Joon
Yoon Hee-Soo as Na Eun-Bi
Lee Dae-Geun as Mr. Sul
Kim Byeong-Chun as Han Pyung-Man
Lee Il-Hwa as Jung Geum-Joo

by Maria Margareta

Video on Youtube :
Park Sun-Joo(박선주) _ Heaven, Earth & Man(천지인) (Fermentation Family OST) Published by LOENENT
                                                 [Korean food] Korean Traditional Kimchi 19 Story Published by jungah0

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