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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Korean Culture's Icon Exhibition in KCC Indonesia

This exhibition shows us some of Korean arts and handycrafts which made by details and have a lot of ornaments. Very details and needs time in the process of making. Korean arts also have a lot of phylosophical meaning which are mentioned in shapes, colors, pictures and ornaments. Here are some photos I captured in Korean Culture's Icon Exhibition in Korean Cultural Center Jakarta Indonesia. This exhibition still held until April 20th, 2012. If you have interested about Korean art especially handycrafts which also have the historical record, this exhibition is very good to visit.

my reflexion on the jewelry box's mirror. Photo Maria Margareta

Icon #1 : Pottery crafts.

Icon #2 : Seashell on the Woods crafts.
All of this crafts are displayed on the table.

Icon#3 :  The metal crafts.

Icon#4 : Korean embroidery.
also including maedeup (Korean knots), bojagi.

일월오봉도 (Irworobongdo) Painting of The Sun, Moon and the Five Peaks"
The folding screen with a highly stylized landscape painting of a sun and moon, five peaks, which always was set behind the king's royal throne during The Joseon Dynasty. The sun and moon symbolize the king and queen. The five peaks denotes the mythical place.  

일월오봉도 in Gyeongbokgung Photo Maria Margareta
Embroidered folding screen

 Made by details.

 Photos Maria Margareta