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Sunday, April 29, 2012

K.Will Korean Ballad Singer

He is one of my favorite Korean ballad singer. He has strong voice character and his voice range is very wide, especially for high notes. His bariton voice type can melting everyone's heart while listening to his voice completed with great song's compositions.
People know him as a singer, but beside that he's also a dancer, an actor and also working behind a stage as a composer and a song writer.  Born in South Korea on December 30th 1981 with name Kim Hyung Soo then given a stage name as K.Will, this young multitalented artist has released many albums and Kdrama soundtracks and also colaborations with another artists.
I hope we can see his acting in Kdrama someday.
Keep up the good work K.Will! ^^

Music Video is uploaded by starshipTV on Youtube

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