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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Korean Mask Painting Experience

Painting a Korean mask is my first experience. Thank you for Korean Cultural Center Indonesia for accomodating this opportunity. The Korean mask painting activities was held together with Korean Culture's Icon Exhibition also in Korea Cultural Center Indonesia.

Painting a mask needs more patience, because you have to paint in 3 dimension media. Creativity and imagination are the two important things for this activities. I would share my photos here and check this out ^^

 We can choose which one is the mask do you like

so I choose this mask! happy and friendly expression mask, and looks cute too ^^

the tools for the mask painting, oops! the painting brush were hiding in this picture...ㅎㅎㅎ~~



and ...

This is my mask, I painted, I hope you like it ^^

It took one hour sharp to finish this painting. The unique fact, Korean masks are made from 한지 Hanji, the Korean paper. Hanji is a very strong paper. I proved this previous statement that the mask is still on the shape until now, even I put it on my bag, wrapped in a plastic bag without any protection, together with five thick and heavy books inside. Hanji is amazing! ^^

by Maria Margareta

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