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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Korean Music Genres

When I became addicted to Korea for the first time, it wasn't through Kpop. In fact, I felt strange with Kpop when I heard that for the first time. Why? because I thought I'm too old for listening to the Kpop ha ha ha.
In my opinion, Kpop is more suitable for younger age such as the teenagers than me. My definition about Kpop here, is a genre which is related with boybands or girl's group, although I realize that the real definition about Kpop is wider than I thought. But later then, I'm so thankful with Kpop! ^^ big thank's to Super Junior and Girls Generation, I even become a big fan to both of you now ^^ Why I'm so thankful ? because I found another of Korean music genres that I haven't known before after I know Super Junior and others.

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I classify my favorite Korean music genre into three groups, they are :

Korean indie bands/groups
Through my observations, each of Korean indie band or group has an unique character with Korean style rhythm. Simple compositions and easy listening. The group also played live and accoustic in the music video, so that I know exactly the musicians skills while playing the instrument and identifying the voice character of the singer. I thought they are so great young musicians! ^^
은초 and 모든 Moden are some of my favorite Korean indie groups.

Korean crossover and electropop genres
I already asked for my self, "is there any Korean band who performs the Brazillian rhythms mixed with Korean traditional instruments?" and the answer is yes! 
Bossanova in Korean style, can be found only in Korea!^^
Electropop is also my fave, has upbeat or slowbeat with easylistening melody, can be chilled my day when listening this and also tapping my foot ha ha ha . Stone Jazz, Oriental Express, Humming Urban Stereo and Clazziquai Project are my favorite in these genres.

Classical Korean style
A lot of classical Korean style compositions can be found as a backsong in Korean dramas. If I compare with other compositions from other countries, it is also has unique characters. Light and sweet melody compositions played in the orchestra with strong violins part and piano solo are some of the Korean style melody character for this genre.Yang Bang Ean and Yiruma are my favorite in this genre.

by Maria Margareta

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