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Sunday, April 15, 2012

심청전 Simcheong Jeon a dutiful daughter story

When I visited Korea and took the subway everytime, I saw that people in Korea are very respectful to the elders. There are part of seats which are designated for elderly people and young people vacating his or her seat for the elders. I'm so very touched by that.

Then today when I was starting to learn Korean and opened my book, I found an interesting story which is still related with my previous experience in Korea.

The story of an exceedingly dutiful daughter named Simcheong Jeon. Simcheong Jeon was born in a poor family. She had a father who was blind and raised Simcheon Jeon by himself because her mother was passed away after delivered her.

There was a part of the sea called In Dang Soo, the most dangerous sea for the ships. The ships should sacrifice the virgin to keep the sea calm and they could go through that section safely. The virgin will paid as a price for her life.
In order to make her father cure from his blind, Simcheong Jeon wanted to give herself to be sacrified on In Dan Soo because she would paid and the money can be used for curing her father.
She lied to her father that she would go to somewhere to marry the rich man, after got the permission from her father, she went to the ship that brought her to the sea and she jumped to the water. She was safe, because the god of the sea was very touched with her love to her father was safe her and keep her alive in the big flower. The big flower then found by the merchant of the ship and he gave that big flower to the king. The king was very happy especially when he opened the flower and found Simcheong Jeon inside. Simcheong Jeon then married the king and lived happily ever after and took care of her father then he cured from his blind. She, then became the queen of the land.

Based on this story, a woman who is respectful with her parents and take good care of them is called a Simcheong. The Korean belief in the virtue of having a filial heart has led the public to feel the need to show respect for elders and not just one's own parents, and it happens until now, I can see younger age always vacating seats for the elders in public space either in the subway or other public transportation.

Simcheong Jeon story is also one of five pansori stories, the traditional Korean story telling drama, and has been made in animation movie. It is a good moral story for children to respect the elders and loving their parents.

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Simcheong Jeon story is also presented by Universal Ballet of Korea on their world tour in Singapore. 

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  1. hi, loved your post! i watched an anime when i was little about this story, I have beem looking for this anime for years. so far online only gives me the "child play". i really want to find the anime though. if you know could you tell me please?