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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Still Single ? Let's Celebrate The Black Day and Eating Jjajangmyun ^^

Missed from valentine's day dan white's day and still single? don't be sad. Korea has a special day for those who are still single. When ? yes! today is a special day for singles. Singles celebrate the black day every the 14th of April. When the valentine's and white's day come, there will be chocolates and candies everywhere, but no chocolate or candies for the black day. The special meal for the black day is 자장면 jjajangmyun.

Jjajangmyun is also called black noodle, is served with another ingredients which are cooked first together with the black sauce called jjajang which is made from dark soy bean and then stir together until they mixed before ready to eat. Besides as a special menu for the black day, jjajangmyun which is introduced for the first time by chinese migrants who lived in Incheon around 1905, is also a favorite dish in Korea and sometimes appeared in Korean drama such as Coffee Prince and Goong S.

so singles, Happy Black Day! and enjoy jjajangmyun together with your friends ^^

  Video credit :
인천 자장면 골목 uploaded by maranata7ful  on Youtube

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