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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Super Junior World Tour in Jakarta

When I got this poster from my friend's facebook, I read it more than five times, over and over, I still can't believe of what I see, this beloved Korean superstars will held the concert in Jakarta on April 2012. The concert as planned will held in two days only, but it extended one day into three days concert. This is one of the spectacular live show this year, especially for Indonesia which is "falling in love" with the Hallyu wave. Indonesia is one of the country which gets the great influence from Hallyu wave, as I see here Korean products sales jump up as high as the hallyu wave influences. Indonesia as a one of big population country in the world is a good place for Korea to expand their commodity, from Hallyu wave including Korean Drama which is the most popular, Kpop influence which makes Indonesians make some local Korean style boys/girls band and adapting the way of Korean style singing and dancing, fashion as I see here a lot of Korean style fashion are selling here, and also a lot of beauty products made in Korea are selling here by outlets or by online shops, Lotte supermarket is growing fast and still expanding, in IT sector, Samsung and LG are the king of IT and electronic products, tablet and touch screen mobile phone with Android OS are getting popular in Indonesia, and many more. It is very easy to find Korean products in Indonesia especially in Jakarta. Ok ... let's go back to the main topic about Super Junior. This April is closed very sweetly by Super Junior who held three days concert in Indonesia, all of Indonesian media are reporting on this group from a week ago until now. Not only about Super Junior, the media also describes about the Hallyu wave itself and how does it give the influence all over the world.

Although I did not come to the concert, I am very proud that the concerts ended in success.

Super Junior! thank you so much for comming, please come again, your fans are waiting for you here! ^^

I would like to share some of  media links about Super Junior's Concert in Jakarta, some of them written in English and Indonesian.

The Jakarta Post : 
The Jakarta Post is one of English newspaper in Indonesia.

Link :

Antara News : 
Antara is The Indonesian news agency.

Link :

Republika :
Republika is one of Indonesian newspaper.
Link :

Metro TV news :
Metro TV news is one of Indonesian broadcasting news television.
Link :

Video is included on this website.

by Maria Margareta

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