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Monday, April 9, 2012

T Money good solution for Travelling in Korea

I had some questions when I went to Korea last year, why there is a lot of coins change after buying something or other transactions? I got coins as a change from subway ticket machine, I got coins as a change after buying meals (especially in convenience stores). So that I put my coins in the plactic bag and my pocket got heavier because of that coins. I tried to use that coins as much as I could but until the last day, I still had a lot of coins stayed in my pocket, wow Korean coins love my pocket hahaha they love to stay longer in my pocket. I didn't think another solution about this.
And because of that coins, I had to open my bag, taken out by belongings and showed them to the custom officer in Incheon Int'l airport, because she was suspicious about the metal in my bag and forced me to open my bag. And I showed her my plastic bag full with Korean Won coins and said "Miss, this is because of this. I have a lot of coins". I never forget her expression when she saw it. 

Photo by Maria Margareta
Based of my experience, I think I should take another way to reduce the remaining of my coins in my pocket when I return to Korea someday. and the solution is... T-Money.

It is easy to use T-money MPass because it can be used in many place and public transportation. Such as subways, convenience stores, or many places. The T-money counter can be  found in Incheon International Airport or other places.

Some of the useful links below :

It's a good solution for foreigners to get more convenient while travelling in Korea.

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