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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baru Gongyang, The Korean Temple Dinning Ceremony

When you visit Korea and you have plan to visit the Buddhist temple. You will follow the special dinning ceremony. It is called Baru Gongyang.

Baru Gongyang, Explanations and Lessons for Learning

Baru Gongyang is the dinning ceremony in the Buddhist temple, when people eating in communal with silence, contemplative and not to waste the food that deserve to you. You must eat all of the food until the last grain. The Buddhist temple food are served in vegetarian which is all of the ingredients are taken from vegetables.

What we can learn from this activities that we should thank for God who creates all of the food ingredients so that we can eat well and continuing our lives. We should stay humble and down to earth (it represents of the type of the meals and wooden eating dishes), to appreciate the nature by taken and finish eating the food until the last grain, it also for appreciating our fellows.

Baru Gongyang Etiquette and Steps  

according to www.여수흥국사.kr, I would like to show the etiquette and way of steps of Baru Gongyang.

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Baru Gongyang Etiquette

Sit in a cross-legged position.
Except for the group recitation, speaking is not allowed.
Be cafeful not to make noise while eating or using your spoon, chopsticks, and bowl.
Always hold your bowl while eating.
Do not put food other than rice in the Buddha bowl [the big bowl]or mix rice with the side dishes in the Buddha bowl.
Do not let your eyes wander while eating.
Be mindful of equality, purity, and tranquility.
Steps : 

1. Set your bowls

2. Serve and receive the food
(Remember to leave a piece of kimchi or radish in your bowl to clean the bowls at the end of the meal)

3. Recite the chant
Where has this food come from?
My virtues are so littile that I an hardly worthy to receive it.
I will take it as medicine to get rid of greed in my mind and to maintain my physical being in order to achieve enlightenment.

4. After bowing, begin eating

5. After finishing your meal, place your spoon and chopsticks in bowl 2.

6. Receiving warm water in bowl 1.

7. Remove the serving containers and clean your bowls

8. Collect the used water, wipe your bowls and wrap them up

9. Bow and put your bowls away

Balu Bowls Wrapping
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It is contains of :
The covering towel: it covers the bowls and is also a kind of dish towel.
The knee towel: it protects your clothes from stains when you eat and is also a kind of napkin.
The pocket: it contains the spoon and chopsticks.
The cap: it is the lid of the biggest bowl.
The cloth mat: at the beginning of each meal, you put bowls (there are four bowls inside) on top of it.
The covering cloth: it wraps the bowl containing other small bowls.

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