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Friday, May 18, 2012

Dasik, The Korean Cookie

다식 Dasik is one of various traditional Korean cookie. It is small beautiful round shape with various pattern engraved on the top of the cookie and has an eye catching color.
It's devided into five basic colors, which is represents of five element of nature, they are :
Red, green, yellow, white and black. The color making ingredients for Dasik are taken from nature.

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Red color represents of fire and south directions, in Dasik it represents by pink or red color which is made from 오미자 omija fruit (maximowiczia chinensis).

Fresh omija fruit
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 Dried omija fruit
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Green color which taken from 당귀 Dang Gui or latin name is Angelica Gigas.

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Black color is represented of water and north directions is taken from black sesame seeds.

Pine pollen will give the yellow color which is represented of earth and center on Dasik.

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and the white color variety is taken from sweet potatos, potatos, or soaked mug beans starch.
This color is represented of metal and west directions.
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as written in Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms which is named 삼국유사 Samgukyusa, a collection of legends, folktales, and historical accounts relating to the Three Kingdoms of Korea (Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla), Dasik is also mentioned on this document. It is written that Dasik is a special cookie that prepared for special events such as Chuseok. The basic ingredients of this cookie are sesame seeds, beans and glutinous rice. They are mixed into a powder then mixed with honey then pressed into the mold.

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That's why there are varities patterns of Dasik that makes this cookie looks beautiful, elegant and has special meaning and deep philosophy because of the pattern engraved from the mold.

Maria Margareta
References : Korean Patterns, Prof. Dr. Choe Jong Ho, Yi Sun-ran, Jae-sik Suh

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