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Thursday, May 31, 2012

한옥 Hanok, The Korean House

Hanok, Korean traditional houses faced south. The reason is because the house that opens to the south is cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
The style is also devided into some shapes base on the region.
Hanok which are build in the northern region usually has a "ㅁ" shape because the northern of Korea is cooler that other region.
Unlike in northern part, southern region which has warmer temperature, people build Hanok in "ㅡ" shape.
The Hanok shape for center region of Korean is "ㄴ" or "ㄱ". It is a mixture type between the north and south part region.

Parts of Hanok

The Gate. 
The Gate was found at the end of a narrow winding lane.

Hanok Yard.
Behind the gate there was a yard surrounded by a stable and a servants room called haengnang, or a yard with a room where the head of the household resided.

The Main Building (happened in the past times).
Women's area called anchae or anbang.
Men's area called sarangbang.
Now sarangbang is no longger use, due to the same stages between men and women in Korea.

The Living Room called daecheong
The place where the family are gathered together.

Chodang, the house for unmarried daugthers.
Seodang, the house for unmarried sons.
Byeoldang or ansarang is the place for guests.

The Back Yard
There were chimney for kitchen and the platform for jars of soy sauce and others were kept. It is called jangdokdae.

Korean House Etiquette

Always take off the shoes before entering the house and placing the shoes facing towards to the entering door.
Sitting on the floor with appropriate position (for Hanok), especially if there is any elders in the room.

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