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Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to Laugh in Korean Texting

We love to chat by texting. Texting on the internet it can be in the chat room, facebook status ot twitter up date or texting through mobile phone like short message service, and we will know how to laugh by texting with Korean style ^^
When I read some comments, or received the short message on my mobile phone especially from my friends in Korea, I've found something unique ways to show the laughter expression. Everybody's in the world have different style how to say or express "the laugh" by texting. Korea also has that. Let's take a look how to express or say "laugh" in Korean style.

ㅎㅎ (ha ha) comes from 하하 (ha ha), 호호 (ho ho), 히히 (hi hi)
ㅋㅋ (ke ke) comes from 큭큭 (kek kek) or 킥킥 (kik kik) similiar with "hi hi hi" or "qi qi qiq"
ㅍㅎㅎㅎ comes from 푸하하하 or 파하하하 they similiar with "hua ha ha ha"

Those words above are usually use in Korean texting, of course only for informal conversations between friends or close relationships.They can be mixed with various emoticons such as ^^, ^*^, ^_^, etc.
You can try it ! It'll be fun!^^

by Maria Margareta