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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jindo, The Korean Dog

Jindo is the name of the island in South Jeolla province located in the south west of Korean peninsula. This island has a special breed dog which is protected by the South Korea goverment, named 진돗개 or Jindo dog. Jindo dog is devided into five colors, they are :

황구 Yellow colored dog 
백구 White colored dog
an off-white or ivory shade with tan or light brown around the tips of the ears, the back of the hind legs, and the tip of the tail. Some whites may have a subtle tan stripe running from the head, down the top line, to the tail.
재구 Gray colored dog
호구 Tiger dog
네눈박이 Four-eyed dog

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Jindo's body has a medium size and short fur type, ranges from 19½ to 21 inches(or 48 cm to 53 cm) for males and 18½ to 20 inches(or 45 cm to 50 cm) for females. This breed is an active type and loyal dog, we have heard a lot of touching stories between this dog and it's owner. Jindo is also known as excellent watchdogs, that's why The Korean Army is known to use Jindos as guard dogs at major bases.

May 3rd is dedicated for Jindo dog as a Jindo day.

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by Maria Margareta

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Video credit : Jindo Dog, Korea's Finest Pedigree [Arirang Today] Uploaded by arirangtoday on Youtube.
References : Wikipedia and Arirang Korean Basics book


  1. I have been lucky to be the caretaker for two Jindo dogs. I had many dogs before my first Jindo but now I can't imagine having any other breed as my companion. They're extraordinary.

  2. Great! :) Could you share me about your experience with Jindo dogs ? ^^