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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Korea Food Show 2012

“K-Food - Towards the Future! For Each and Everyone!”

Everybody knows about kimchi which getting famous in the world. If somebody says "kimchi" or "ginseng" everybody will know, it is Korea. That is the universal language to identify Korea :)
Most of media journalists in my country mention Korea as a "Ginseng country" or "Kimchi country".
Based on my experiences consuming various of Korean food (Kfood), I can say I'm so crazy about Kfood which has a good quality and I'm so satisfied with the products. So keep up the good work Korea! ^^

I made hotteok by using this ingredients
Japchae I made my self with Korean ingredients ^^, I used Korean noodles, Korean cooking wine, and Korean soy sauce.
Hotteok, I made from Hotteok mix flour. It's easy to make, I didn't put anything just put the water. All of the ingredients are measured.

International Food Industry Exhibition 2012 is held in Seoul. It is held from May 8~11.
This is the fourth time the event is being organized. By joining efforts with another representative Korean food expo, Seoul Food 2012, it is emerging as the true leader among food expositions in Asia. The show is being run under the slogan “K-Food - Towards the Future! For Each and Everyone!” Three exhibition halls - Food Challenge, Food Harmony, and Food Aesthetics - are organized on a total territory of 108,000㎡.
It is a good opportunity for Kfood business to introduce Korean commodity to the world.

Kintex directions :

by Maria Margareta
Video credits : 2012 대한민국식품대전 Published by mifaffTV
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