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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Korean Court Music

아악 Aak
Origin from Chinese ritual music, Aak is one of Korean court music genre, played by the elegant style with 456 melodies. 

당악 Dangak
Dangak is the Korean court music which adapted from the Chinese Dynasty music during the Unified Silla period. This genre is combination between the Chinese style and Korean style court music.

향악 Hyangak

This genre created in The Three Kingdoms period and as a basic form of the original Korean court music.

종묘제례악 Jongmyo Jeryeak
Jongmyo Jeryeak is an aristrocatic chamber music genre. It hd been used in such ceremonies during the Goryeo Dynasty, was replaced with traditional Korean music in the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty. 
Orchestral music went through a great change at the time of King Sejong. With his sense of sovereignty and independence he wanted to have native Korean music composed for national ceremonies.  

Jongmyo rituals were national ceremonies related to Confucian virtues, in which etiquette received the greatest emphasis. The rituals were conducted with very strict procedure and formality. 
It was held with musicians and dancers in rows chanting the literary and military accomplishments of the previous kings at each phase and stating the difficulties of the foundation of the dynasty. The performance was produced with gravity and solemnity, creating a formal ceremony of great dignity.
This genre is already registered as one of Korea's Intangible Cultural Assets for preservation and development.

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