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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May, 가정의 달 (Family Month)

가정의 달 (Family Month), there are a lot of special days to celebrate in Korea on May ^^
Honestly I'm very touched when I'm looking some sources for this article, those special days of this month have a special deep meaning.

May 5th 어린의날 Children's Day

May 8th 어버이날 Parent's Day
Children usually show their affection by giving carnations or another present to their parents.

May 14th Rose Day (for couples)
a special day for couples show their love by giving roses each other.

May 14th Yellow Day (for singles)
For those who are still singles and who were unable to eat the black noddles on the black day last month, should eat yellow curry rice.(I don't know the reason why singles should eat yellow curry rice on this day :) )

May 22nd Couples Day

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May 15th 스승의날  Teacher's Day and Family Day

by Maria Margareta

Video credit :
teachersday@ewha(15May2010) uploaded by seoulrain

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