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Friday, June 29, 2012

Korean Speech Contest Event

Today I came to Korean speech contest, supported by Embassy of  The Republic of Korea for Indonesia, University of Indonesia and Korean Cultural Center Indonesia and some of Korean companies in Indonesia. Besides the main event, there was some booth of Hanin post, Korean food such as Kimbab, Japchae, Tteokpokki, Odeng and Tteok were displayed on some participant booths, and we can try it for free, Korean caligraphy contest and also the booth of TOPIC (Test of Proviciency in Korean) and also the booth with the longest queue is Korean Cultural Center booth where everybody can take a photo with Hanbok in Hanbok experience.
There some Korean brands such as Binggrae ice cream, Korea bakery brand Tous les Jours booths were also participate in this event.
Honestly, I was very impressed, there are many young Indonesian people can speak Korean fluently and also interest some aspects about Korea. I hope someday I can give my speech in Korean language ^^

Photos by Maria Margareta


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