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Saturday, June 23, 2012

목조각장 Mokjogakjang, Korean Wood Sculpture

Mokjogakjang is a beautiful  Korean wooden sculpture which is the artistic traits of this craft sprouted from Buddhist roots in the Three Kingdoms era. This art sculpture takes long time process of making in the past times.

The wood material usually taken from paulownia tree, ginko, birch, linden, juniper, an zelkova wood.
Before carving, logs were dried first in naturally  in the shade for three to five years
The bottom of the tree is a good part to created a head part of the statue, it can be called as bottom up principle and good to prevents cracks and deformation.

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To be a Mokjogakjang artisan, it takes yearly process and developing versatility skills with various kind of knives for wooden sculpture.
It is one of Important Intangible Cultural Properties of Korea and has been registered in year 1996.

Video credit on Youtube by joeyabuki81

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