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Saturday, June 16, 2012

두부 Tofu

두부 Dubu or commonly said as tofu, is made from soybeans by curding fresh hot soy milk with a coagulant. Tofu has a rich source of protein and also good for health. a delicious flavour of tofu is created when it mixed with other ingredients or cooked together with other ingredients.
The most commonly-used forms of tofu are the following :
Soondubu, very silky, soft and delicate without any form. Used in jjigae (stew).

Dubu making with traditional process by Boramirang on Youtube

Dubu, which is medium-firm tofu and comes in a square shape. Usually cut in various shapes to cook. Can be comsumed cold in summer or added to jjigae (stew).
Firm dubu is usually sliced and seared in the frying pan before the seasonigs are added.
Yubu, firmly pressed tofu is sliced and deep fried.
 Photo credits on this design : photo 1 :, photo 2 :

 Korean Tofu Recipes from aeriskitchen from Youtube
 Reference : Korean cuisine Yongja Kim

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