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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

김홍도 Kim Hong-do, a Painter from Korea

Kim Hong-do also known as Danwon was lived in the late of Joseon period. He entered royal service as a member of the Dohwaseo, the official painters of the Joseon court, and drew the portrait of King Jeongjo. Kim Hong-do is also the first painter that captured the potrait of daily Korean life, his paintings today are valued almost as much for the insight they shed on daily life in Joseon as for their inherent aesthetic value.

Some of his paintings has been listed on the National Treasures of South Korea which is a numbered set of tangible treasures, artifacts, sites, and buildings which are recognized by South Korea as having exceptional artistic, cultural and historical value.
Now in Ansan, where Kim Hong-do spent his childhood and youth, there is an annual festival named Danwon Art Festival and will be held from 2012.07.06 ~ 2012.07.11.
(directions : Take off at Gojan Station (line 4). The art center is in walking distance of 5 minutes).

Video is uploaded by freeara on Youtube.

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